What is PTC (Pay to Click)?: Working, Advantages, Disadvantages and Some Sites

What is PTC (Pay to Click)?: Working, Advantages, Disadvantages and Some Sites

Pay to Click or PTC is one of the sources of online money making for the persons who do not want to learn any skills and just want to earn money online from home without hard work. A lot of people search for the ways to earn money without working that means they search for passive online income. Therefore, I am going to discuss PTC or Pay to Click as a way of earning money. In this post, I will discuss ins and outs of Pay to click and in my next post, I will focus on the best PTC sites for earning online. In my next post, I’ll discuss the details of different PTC sites, earning from PTC sites.

Introduction to Pay to Click (PTC)

Pay to Click or PTC refers to a system of enhancing traffic to a particular site from the persons who want to make money online from home without working. In other words, it is system of earning money for visiting sites. In the PTC websites, the advertisers advertise their websites, viewers click on the advertises and as a result visitors visit the advertised sites and earn money. The advertisers also generate revenue from the traffic to their sites. Therefore, it can be said that PTC sites are those sites where visitors earn money for every click and advertisers pay for every click.

Working Method of Pay to Click

In the arena of online business, web traffic is the base whether it is a blog, a store, forum or social media. Website owners need traffic to promote their products or services. Traffic can be driven in two ways: by popularity or by paid clicks. PTC is a source of paid traffic to any website.

The advertisers or marketers advertise their websites to PTC sites because there are a lot of registered members to any PTC sites who are ready to visit ads as a source of online money making. For visiting each ad, the member gets $0.001 to $0.01. The amount varies based on the membership plan. Membership plan details will be discussed in my next post.

Pay to Click sites also have referral system. Once the referred members generates money, the referrer get commission.

PTC sites also offer survey work and the members also get cash for completing each survey with right information.

Advantages of Pay to Click

Every source of online money making has its advantages and disadvantages. Some of the advantages of PTC are given bellow:

  • No investment
  • Training required
  • Full free registration
  • Working from anywhere
  • No time limitation
  • Unlimited earning based on the ad clicks
  • No technical skills required
  • Multiple income opportunity
  • No bidding or job offer required
  • Earning after registration

Disadvantages of Pay to Click

With advantages, PTC program has some disadvantages too. Those are:

  • Small income per click
  • Need to spend a lot of time to visit a lot of ads
  • Need to visit a lot of sites for earning money online
  • Getting bored doing just clicks

Some Pay to Click Sites

Below, I am going to mention some of the PTC sites. Those are legit and you can generate some extra cash from them.

  1. Neobux
  2. ySense
  3. InboxDollar
  4. Scarlet Clicks
  5. PrizeRebel
  6. OfferNation
  7. YouGetProfit
  8. AyuWage
  9. Wad.ojooo
  10. GPT Planet

Here I have listed 10 Pay to Click Sites. There are several more PTC sites. I will focus some other aspects of PTC in my next post. Your opinions are welcomed.

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