What is a blog? What is Blogging? Who is a Blogger?

What is a blog? What is Blogging? Who is a Blogger?

 Blogging has become a buzzword. It is also a source of active online money making. “What is a blog?” is the basic question that crosses the mind of every people who want to make money online through blogging. In these days, lot of people are willing to take blogging as their main profession. Many are willing to take it as their part time job. Some want to share their knowledge through blog. Some make fun through blog. In this post, I am going to answer and elaborate the questions” What is a blog? What is Blogging? Who is a Blogger? A detailed description is essential for everyone who wants to start a blog. So, let’s go for it.

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What is a blog?


A blog means a web presence or a website where any kind of information or discussion is shared for worldwide people. In a blog, each and every information or discussion is shared as separate entry or post. The posts are always informal in tone. The posts are arranged like a diary. But there is a difference between diary entries and blog posts. In diary, the entries are arranged in chronological order while in blog, the posts are arranged in reversed chronology. That means the recent one come first. Blog URL is the unique identity of a blog.

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History of Blog

Jorn Barger first used the term “weblog” in December 17, 1997. The term is shortened to “blog” by Peter Merholz in 1999. Throughout 1990s, blog emerged. The blog sites were updated on regular basis writing html codes and uploading the codes using FTP at that time. Therefore, coding knowledge was a must to publish content in sites. Then publishing tools came into being and it became easier for the people who were without technical knowledge to publish contents into sites.

In 2010s, most of the blogs are interactive. That means the visitors or readers can leave comments. So, a relationship becomes established between publishers and readers. In that sense, blogs can also be marked as one type of social networking in my eyes.

Purpose of Blog

There are different types. Personal blog, business blog, artist blog, affiliate blog etc. Each blog has various purposes. But the main purpose is to enhance web visibility. That means to become top ranked in search engines. Purposes of a blog are given below:

  1. Expressing thoughts and opinions
  2. Sharing knowledge
  3. Creating online empire
  4. Promoting or marketing something
  5. Staying connected globally or with the community you like
  6. Helping people
  7. Learning and earning at the same time
  8. Being creative

To me, the above mentioned are the main purpose of blog. I will elaborate the purpose of blogging in my coming posts.

Structure of a Blog

The structure of a blog varies from blogger to blogger and from designer to designer. Since contents or articles are the main thing of any blog, the designers try to focus on the contents or articles in the blog. The most common and general blog structure is given below:

Common Structure of a Blog

This is the common structure. Some designers prefer sidebar on both sides. Some prefer sidebar only on the right side.

Blog vs Website

Content remains on both blogs and websites. The only difference is updates. A website is updated occasionally whereas a blog is updated regularly. You will see a blog is updated monthly, weekly, daily, and even hourly. A website may also have associated blog. That website may not be updated, but the blog might be updated on regular basis.

What is Blogging?


Blogging is the act of writing relevant blog posts and publishing the posts in the blog. In other words, blogging is all the tasks related to publishing blog posts .

Popularity of Blogging

The popularity of blogging is increasing so fast. There are several reasons why people are choosing blogging. The top reasons are:

  1. No training is needed
  2. No special educational qualification is needed
  3. Companies of business firms can update about them to theirs clients or consumers
  4. Visitors can interact with the companies of writers
  5. Earning through blogging is possible
  6. Expressing own thoughts is possible through blogging

Purpose of Blogging

People write blog posts for several reasons. Some people blog solely for online money making, some blog to share knowledge. Major purposes of blogging are:

  1. Sharing oneself
  2. Sharing knowledge
  3. Becoming popular worldwide
  4. Earning money online
  5. Interacting with fans and followers

Who is a blogger?


A blogger is a person who regularly writes and posts the writing into a blog. In other words, bloggers are the individuals who share their knowledge, experience, techniques with people all over the world regularly through web presence. A blogger does not have a physical address. He/she can only be traced using web address.

Why Do People Prefer Blogging?

Now a days, a lot of people are joining blogging. There are several reasons behind their choice. Man is a social being and wants to be together with all. Blogging is a medium of getting connected with all.

In this era of machines, man suffers from isolation and remains busy all the day. It is impossible to get connected with all within a shortest free moment. But blogging gives him/her to share his day with all in the shortest time.

A blogger can express his any thoughts will all. Social networking sites also allows to share thoughts. But they only allow to share with the connected community. But blogging has worldwide presence and is shown in search result. Blogging is also becoming popular for that.

The preference also goes to blogging because it can be a source of income too. Some take professionally, some as part time income. But a blogger cannot start making money online from blog overnight. It needs hard work and search ranking.

Some people blog only from their interest. They do not opt for money making.


A blog is a website where a person who is called a blogger posts writing on regular basis. Blogging means the activity of writing the posts and posting them on blog. In this business era, whatever people do, money making is the main purpose. Blogging can serve that purpose too. I will discuss making money online through blog in my later posts. You can ask your any query to me.

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