How to Write First Blog Post to Make Money Online

How to Write First Blog Post to Make Money Online

Therefore, you have started your blog to make money online. Now are you wandering about how to write first blog post? Here are some magical tips for available you.

You have taken the right decision starting a blog. Blogging is not only a means of making money online but also a platform of freedom. Man wants and need freedom. But freedom of speech is almost impossible. Blogging is a platform where you can express your thoughts and ideas without any limitation.

But expressing thoughts is not all about blogging. You need readers, better to say repeated readers who will get attached to your posts.

If you want to make money online from blogging, you need to generate a huge traffic. And repeated readers are you main traffic.

You may need to know what a blog is before starting your blog.

You may know the best ways to make money online from blogging reading the hyperlinked post.

Now you are wandering about what your first blog post should be. But you are not sure what to write in your first blog post. Here, I am presenting my personal tips to write first blog post.

While your readers will read your first blog post, a series of question will appear in their mind. Just answer those question to your first blog post. I am presenting those questions and answers from my point of view.

What is Your Identity?

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Who Are You

Now you are online and you are free to share your thoughts and ideas to everyone in the internet world. But the world knows nothing about you. None in the world trusts and pays heed to an unknown face. Therefore, f you want your readers to trust you, bookmark your blog and come to your blog, you need to build trust on you and make a permanent place in the heart of the readers to make money online. You can do that by sharing about you to the readers. The readers need to know your full details.

I can suggest you some points to share:

  • Name
  • Profession
  • Experience
  • Whether it is your first blog

The more you can share your details and attract your readers to you, the more they will get used to you, trust you and want to hear from you through your blog.

A picture of you can tell thousand times more than your words. So, if you add your jolly looking picture with your identity, it will enhance your credibility and trust.

What is the Purpose of Your Blogging?

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Purpose of Blogging

While answering this question, you have to keep in mind that since this will be your first blog post, your reader must want to know why you are going to start writing blog posts. Your purpose of blogging will increase the readers’ trust on you and will be enthusiastic to come back to read your blog. To me, there are two major purpose of blogging:

  • Sharing thoughts and
  • Make money online from blogging

But the main core purpose behind these two purposes is to get readers aka traffic. Therefore, to keep readers coming to your blog, you have to do something which will attract readers and keep their attachment with your blog. You have to provide them with something from which the readers will be benefited. Therefore, you have to clearly state your purpose. The readers of your first blog post will take decision from reading your post that whether they will be benefited from this blog or not.

What is Your Blogging Niche or Topic?

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Blogging Niche

Answer of this question is almost similar to the previous question. In the answer of the previous question, you will focus on your purpose of blogging and in the answer of this question, you will focus on the niche or topic of your blogging. While readers who are interested in your niche or topic, certainly they will come back again and again to see new ideas regarding their interest.

While answering this question, focus on the followings:

  • Clearly state what your readers will find in your blog.
  • Focus on what they can expect from your blog.
  • Make the readers know how often you are going to update your blog.

To clarify, I suggest not to create a general blog where you will write on anything and everything. You have to choose a particular niche. When your readers will see that you are writing on a particular niche, they will take you as an expert on that niche. This will enhance you authority on the topic and you will get repeated visitors.

Whom are you Blogging for?

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Blog Reader

While writing your first blog post, you need to clarify about your target audience. You have to focus on:

  • Who will be benefited reading your blog posts?
  • What are the traits (ambitious, lazy, health conscious, online money makers like my readers) of those readers?

You can state clearly about the problems of the readers and how you are going to give solution of those problems through your blog posts. Certainly the readers will start trusting your when they will believe that their problems will be solved reading your posts.

You can also tell your readers an emotional story of you so that the readers know that you understand them better and the get connected with you emotionally.

How Can the Readers Get Involved with You?

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Get Involved with Blog

Interaction with the readers is very important to retain them. Therefore, in you first blog post, you have to mention how your readers can interact with you. You can encourage them to:

  • Leave comment to your posts
  • Send emails.
  • Share your posts to social media.
  • Interact with you through private messages
  • and many more as you want

Interaction with you make the reader more enthusiastic to read your posts and make you one step ahead to earn money online.

What is Your Future plan with this Blog?

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Future Plan about this Blog

While reading your first blog post, your reader might want to know what you are going to do with this blog. You should clearly state:

  • What is this blog going to be like after 3-6 months?
  • What are you going to achieve from this blog?
  • How are you going to use this blog for achieving your future plan?

Sharing your future plan with your readers will increase your transparency and readers’ trust will increase. Your readers might help you to achieve your goals.

Start Journey with Your Blog

In conclusion, I want to say that starting blog and just starting writing are not everything in blogging platform. Rather you have to start rightly and go in the proper path.

Certainly, I have tried to state tips to start writing your first blog post from my point of view. Others may differ with me. But I think if you include the above mentioned things in your first blog post in the journey to make money online, readers might come back to check whether you have posted new articles.

Certainly, in your blogging journey, you might have to be open and passionate blogger if you want to make money online from blogging. Hope you have understood what I have tried to say. If you have any query, you can comment of send me private email or Facebook message.

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