How to Make Money Online from Affiliate Marketing While Sleeping

How to Make Money Online from Affiliate Marketing While Sleeping

Now I have come up to you with an idea to make money online from affiliate marketing while sleeping. Yes, you have heard the right thing. I am talking about a way from which you can earn money online while you are not working and that is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is one of the oldest as well as evergreen ways of marketing. Millions of people are making money online from affiliate marketing.

While you google “affiliate marketing”, you will find the answer like “making money doing nothing”, “gobs money” or something like that. But the reality is a little bit different and complex. I am presenting the ways of making money online from affiliate marketing. At the very beginning, let’s start with what affiliate marketing is.

Definition of Affiliate Marketing

Among the forms of digital marketing, affiliate marketing is the most common and widely used form. According to definitions.netAffiliate means subordinate or subsidiary or associated with someone or something”. From this meaning, anyone can say that affiliate marketing means associated with marketing.

Affiliate Marketing Circle

Affiliate marketing refers to the digital marketing policy in which you refer someone to buy any product online. While that referred person buys that product, you get a commission from that purchase. This total process is called affiliate marketing. In other words, affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing technique where the marketers receive commission either based on visitors or based on sales. Therefore, it is clear that the more you can promote a product digitally, the more you can earn.

Working Procedure of Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing works in four simple steps. Those steps are:

  • You become partner with the owner/advertiser of the products.
  • You promotes the products to customers through online means using affiliate links.
  • Customers buy the products using your links.
  • The owner/advertiser pays you a commission.

These are the steps that happen in every affiliate program. Main goal is to make money online from affiliate marketing through commission. But to reach that goal, you have to do the following things.

Get Started with Affiliate Marketing

The main source of income from affiliate marketing is the commission generated from sales. Therefore, huge traffic is needed to generate sales. So, everything you need to do is to drive traffic and generate sales. For this, you can do the following thing:

Choose an Appropriate Niche

In the realm of affiliate marketing, a niche refers to the category of products that you want to promote. For example, health niche, weight loss niche, technology niche, dating niche etc.

Choosing an appropriate niche to make money online from affiliate marketing is the most important thing. Some people find it very difficult to choose a niche. But it is very easy and simple. You just need some simple ideas while choosing a niche.

  • Your Passion: You have to think of which niche you are passionate about. If you are passionate in a niche, it means that you are knowledgeable about that niche and it will be much easier to create content in that niche.
  • Niche Big Enough: You have to check whether the niche is big enough to create so many blog posts. Since you have to create at least 100 blog posts to rank in a good position in search engines.
  • Whether the Niche Over Saturated: You have to avoid oversaturated niche because it is very difficult to create a place in affiliate marketing in the overpopulated niche.
  • Money Related Niche: Though money is not everything in life, it plays an important role in leading life. While you have more than one niche in idea, you have to think about the niche which is related to money. I suggest going for the money niche.

Choosing a niche to make money online from affiliate marketing becomes easy if you consider the above-mentioned ideas.

Build an Eye-catching Website

Once you are able to choose an appropriate niche for product promotion, the next step is to create a website particularly blog site according to your selected niche. You have to choose a nice design for the website. Because “first impression lasts long” and your website is your first impression.

You can also read How to Start a Blog to Make Money Online to know more about starting a blog.

In your site, your primary focus must be on the blog section. But several other pages are also essential for rank the site in search engines. So, you have to focus on the following pages:

  • About: Elaborate you and about your blog on the “About” page.
  • Contact: Share your contact information.
  • Disclaimer: Add a “Disclaimer” page mentioning your monetization policies if you monetize your site with an ad network.
  • Privacy Policy: Elaborate how you collect information of your user or visitors of the sites and how you use the collected information.
  • Terms and Conditions: Add a “Terms and Conditions” page where you will mention your terms of services. Certainly, you will limit your liabilities if any information on your site is misused by others.
  • 404 Page: To enhance the user experience, you can add a custom 404 page which will be displayed if no information is found regarding the visitors’ query.

The above mentioned pages are very crucial to provide information to your visitors.

Create Quality Content to Make Money Online from Affiliate Marketing

Quality content is the heart of affiliate marketing. If you want to attract visitors, you have to create engaging contents for your blog. Besides, quality content is also essential for search engine optimization (SEO).

You will find the some affiliate networks demand established site. For them, you need to create engaging blog posts and increase traffic so that you become eligible for their affiliate program. You need not to create 100 posts. But you need to create some strong posts.

Optimize for Search Engines

Search engine optimization is very important to make money online from affiliate marketing. To drive organic traffic to a website there is no alternative to search engine optimization. Find the right keywords, create the content by yourself, put the keywords in the right place, optimize the images. I will discuss the search engine optimization technique of a blog in another post.

If you are able to rank your website in search results through proper optimization, you can reach the zenith of income.

Build Target E-mail List

To make money online from affiliate marketing, email marketing is still worthy. It proved that $1 for email marketing is worthy of $38. Therefore, you can drive 3800% profit from email marketing. For this, you can grow your email list through your website. You can do that through the newsletter subscription system in a popup.

Tensed about email marketing technique? I will elaborate it in my coming posts. Therefore, keep eye on my blog.

Choose Right Affiliate Products

Now you are ready to promote products on your site. It is time to choose the right products for affiliate marketing. Products should be chosen according to your niche. Irrelevant products should not be chosen to promote. You have to consider some points while choosing products.

  • Your already used products
  • Products that fulfill the necessity of people
  • Products that people want to know

While choosing products to promote to make money online from affiliate marketing, you look at other blogs of your niche. You can promote the products they are promoting.

Choose Affiliate Network

While you complete selecting your affiliate products, you have to choose an affiliate network. In affiliate networks, retailers list their products. There are several affiliate networks. Some famous networks are:

While choosing an affiliate network, you have to be careful about the terms and conditions of them. Of course, the commission rate should be the first priority. Besides, the payment method should be appropriate for you.

Track Your Affiliate Results

Now, you are all set. Promote products according to your niche and track results. Analyze the result and take care of the weak places. That means if the sale conversion rate is low, you have to think why the sale is low and take action accordingly.

Concluding Words

Though your fundamental goal is to make money online from affiliate marketing, you have to everything passionately and punctually. If you do not feel interested in doing affiliate marketing, you will not be able to generate handsome income from it. You will feel lazy in doing marketing. Therefore, be passionate, work hard and generate online income even while you are sleeping.

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