How to Make Money Online: an Introduction to This Blog
Sitting Before PC for Online Money Hunting

How to Make Money Online: an Introduction to This Blog

So, finally I have decided to start a blog. This is my first blog and this blog is going to be a platform where I’ll share my experiences and tips for the people who want to make money online and conquer the struggle of making money online whether actively or passively. Let me introduce first.

My Introduction

I am Hafizur Rahman, a citizen of Bangladesh. I am an online entrepreneur and a web developer. I am in online income for about 7 years. I don’t like doing jobs sitting in office. I am a free thinker and love to work of my own accord.

Purpose of this Blog

The very first question that will cross your mind that why I am writing my blog.  While making money online, I have realized that most of the people specially the newbies who want to make money from online struggle hard in their money making journey. To be true, I also struggled. My blog is fully dedicated those strugglers. Here in this blog, I’ll share my money making journey with all so that they can get some help from my experience and start making a handsome income from online smoothly.

Readers of this Blog

In this blog, the readers will get my online money making experiences and also I’ll post tips and tricks regarding making money online. I’ll try my level best to show the easiest ways in which anyone can get himself/herself involved in online money making process. This blog will be updated regularly whenever I get some time to write.

From my blog, both the newbies and experienced, as I think, will be benefited. Those who have not started his/her journey towards online money making will also be benefited as they will be able to get ideas about some extra income.

My Future Plan with this Blog

I am willing to make this blog a complete guide for the men who want to be huntsmen for online money within next 4-5 months. I will post my thoughts. I also welcome suggestions from my readers and well-wishers. You can contact me via email, social media and comments. Of course I’ll try my level bests to reply and clarify everything if you need.

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