Best Ways to Make Money Online from Blogging

Best Ways to Make Money Online from Blogging

“Make money online from blogging” has become a buzzword now. As a blogger, you might thing it because there are more than 500 million blogs and on an average, it takes 0.5 second to publish a new blog post. You might think if everyone maintains blog for free. You also know the answer. It is possible to make a huge amount of money every month from blogging. In March 2, 2017, The Forbes magazine published a list of 10 blogs and there earning per month.

SL Blog Name Income Per Month
01. Huffington Post $14,000,000
02. Engadget $5,500,000
03. Moz $4,250,000
04. Mashable $2,000,000
05. TechCrunch $2,500,000
06. CopyBlogger $1,000,000
07. Perez Hilton $575,000
08. Gizmodo $325,000
09 Smashing Magazine $215,000
10. Tuts+ $175,000

Table 1-FORBES: 10 Wildly-Successful Blogs That Earn Outlandish Incomes

Look at the figures of income per month. It is possible and very possible. You can read the full article of The Forbes to learn more about their income. My present blog post is dedicated to those who want to make money online from blogging.

Few words for the new blogger: You cannot start earning money from blogging and get rich overnight. The scammers allure readers with overnight getting rich plan. Making money online from blogging is a slow but steady process. If you have patience and you want to work hard to earn money, then you are in the right place. Let’s go for that.

To learn to start a blog easily, you can read the article:

How To Start a Blog to Make Money Online: 7 Steps

Monetize with Ads

The most common way of making money online from a blog is to place ads on the blog to generate revenue. You will see ads on almost all blogs. You will also see ads on my blog too. There are three types of ads:

  1. CPC/PPC Ads
  2. CPM Ads
  3. Private Ads


CPC is the abbreviation of “Cost Per Click” also known as PPC or Pay Per Click. Under this type of ads. The blog owner only get paid while any visitor of the blog clicks on any ads. The payment rate is set by the advertisers.


CPM stands for “Cost Per 1000(M) impression”. The blog owner gets paid for per 1000 people visit the ads. There is no need to click on the ads.

Different ad networks is the only solution for showing CPC or CPM ads on your blog to make money online. There are various ad networks. Google Adsense,, Propeller Ads, Adhitz, Bidvertiser, Popads are some of them.

Private Ads

Another monetization system is showing private ads on your blog. If any blog is very popular and under a particular niche, the blog owner can collect and show private ads on the blog at his/her predefined rate.

Ad networks work as a middleman between advertisers and publishers. But you don’t need any middleman for private ads. You can set your own ad rate. If any advertiser wants to publish ads on your blog, s/he will pay you that rate. But for private, your blog must be very popular and the target audience must be particular. I will discuss target audience and ads in another post.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing Diagram

To make money online from blogging, another method is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing refers to a marketing policy or agreement between a retailer and a website owner where the website owner receives commission for every sale by the traffic from the website. The website owner promotes particular products with the affiliate links. When a visitor of that site clicks on the link and purchase the product, the site owner gets commission.

From blog, you can do affiliate marketing. Almost every niche has affiliate program. You can choose products according to your blog niche. Certainly you can generate huge commission if you can promote and sell products.

You will find huge products on Amazon, Commission Junction, ShareASale.

Selling Digital Products

I can show you another way to make money online from blogging and that is selling your digital products in your blog. If you have enough time, you can create various digital products and sell them in your blog. Two best digital products of my choice are:


The best digital products according to me is to write e-Book and sell that on your blog. You can write on the topic/s that you understand best. Cooking, Make Money Online, Food and Wine, Fitness and Weight Loss are some of the hot topics now a days.

You can also collect some of your most popular blog posts and make an eBook and well on your blog.

Online Course

To make money online from blogging, you can also choose to sell online courses prepared by you. You have to prepare the course from your best expertise. Slides, download materials, quiz questions, or other supportive materials are also necessary. You can also choose whether you will provide personal support.

Online courses have much higher rate than ebook. Therefore, it can be the better choice the two.

Sponsored Blog Post

As a blogger, you may not be willing to show ads on your blog posts. Sometimes, the readers become annoyed while they see irrelevant ads on the content.

The solution of this problem is sponsored blog post. This is similar to tv ads. Some companies want to show their ads or they want that the posts talk about them and their products and services. They will pay handsome amount to promote their products on your blog posts.

Review Writing

Writing review is similar to sponsored blog posts. Like affiliate program, you can write reviews on a particular product. You can do it for free. But if you can collect sponsorship from the company for writing that review, certainly you can make money.

Last Words

Most of the bloggers want to make money online from blogging. But the prerequisite of earning is audiences or visitors better to say traffic according to blogging jargon. You as a blog owner must have huge traffic to generate revenue. Only if you have huge readers, you can expect income from blogging. Ask me any queries if you have.

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