Best and Top Paying Pay to Click (PTC) Websites in 2019

Best and Top Paying Pay to Click (PTC) Websites in 2019

Pay to Click (PTC) websites are the places where both the advertisers and the visitors, better to say members, of the PTC sites meet. Marketers or advertisers advertise their websites, products or services and the members click on the published advertises for generating online income. To earn money online from PTC websites, you need no investment and no skill. You just have to click on the published advertises or perform some specific tasks. Though you cannot generate huge amount from PTC sites, you can earn some extra cash from them. You have to be very careful while selecting PTC site since there are a lot of fraudulent sites. Even some of them vanish without any notice.

Therefore, in this post, I am suggesting 5 best and non-fraudulent PTC sites from where you can make some money online. The numbering of the sites to some extent focuses on the best position. It is according to my review. I will try to give some proof for my review.

1. Neobux

In my eyes, Neobux is the best Pay to Click (PTC) website for the people who want to make money online. This site has been operating since 2008. Clixsense ended its ad view project in 2017. Since then, Neobux has got the top popularity.

The pay per advertisement view depends on the membership plan. The general pay is $0.001 per advertisement view. You can increase your income using direct and rented referrals.

The member who join Neobux through your affiliate link is called direct referral. You will earn a commission from their income.

Sometimes, the directly joined members are hired by the members who need referrals. Those are called rented referrals. Rented referrals are rented for a specific time and the renter gets commissions from them.

Neobux is authentic in its payment. You can check its payment proof.

After making money online through Neobux, you can withdraw your money using NETELLER, Skril and airtm.

Join Neobux -> Click Here

2. ySense (Clixsense)

Though ySense previously Clixsense has stopped its advertisement publishing, it is the second best pay to click (PTC) website for the people who want to make money online. ySense provides small tasks which can be completed with clicks only. Highly paid surveys are also available in ySense.

ySense started its operation from 2007 and changed its name in 2019. Therefore, it is older than Neobux.

ySense also offers referral commission. Payment is legit and not a scam. You can check payment proof of ySense here.

ySense supports Skrill, Payoneer, PayPal, Reward Link Italy and Amazon Cards for cash out.

Join ySense-> Click Here.

3. GPTPlanet

GPTPlanet is running its operation since 2010 and has members more than 574218. Besides ad view, it also offers small tasks. Therefore, members can earn money online doing those tasks as well.

This PTC (Pay to Click) site has also referral system. It supports both direct and rented referrals. The commission is almost same as other PTC sites’ referral system.

The payment methods of GPTPlaner are Paypal, Payza, Perfect Money and Bitcoin.

Join GPTPlanet-> Click Here

4. ScarletClick

The owner of both ScarletClick and GPTPlanet is same. Scarlet Click is also operating its business for those who want to earn money online since 2010. It also offers different tasks beside ad viewing job.

You will get referral income too in ScarletClick. The payment of all PTC sites are almost same. In GPTPlanet and ScarletClick, you will get around $0.001. The payment varies from country to country.

Join ScarletClick-> Click Here

5. Wad.Ojooo

Another trusted PTC site is Wad.Ojooo. Though the payment is fairly low, you can trust this site. PayPal has taken actions against so many PTC site. But Wad.Ojooo still supports paypal withdrawal.

Both direct and rented referral system is also applicable in Wad.Ojooo.

You can cash out from Wad.Ojooo using Bitoin only.

The payment rate is also same. But you can also earn money online by visiting premium ads here. But for that, you have to be a premium member.

Join Wad.Ojooo-> Click Here

Recommendation from Me

Though you can make money online using Pay to Click (PTC) websites and The above mentioned PTC sites are legit and trusted, I do not recommend income from PTC site. I have discussed regarding PTC sites because many people want to know about them. I suggest hard work and no hard work goes in vein. Your questions are always welcomed.

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