Active Online Money Making from Home and It’s Ways

Active Online Money Making from Home and It’s Ways

Hello, how are you all? Online money making from home is a long cherished wish for many people now-a-days. In my previous post, I tried to classify online income into two types. In this post, I would like to discuss about one of the types. Yes, the first type is active online money making. I am going to elaborate this type. I’ll also show some ways of earning money online actively. Let’s define active income first.

Definition of Active Income

In general sense, by active online income, we refer to salary in exchange of any service done for client remotely. But we have to understand this type of income from the word “Active”. Any income from online sources where personal participation is related is called active online money making. In other words, active income through online refers to money received as salaries, commission from sales, tips, wages, income from business or anything where material participation is involved.

Pros of Active Online Income

There are some benefits. Those are as follows:

  • It has lower risk. You can say almost risk free if you have an online job.
  • High income in case of online business
  • This income is predictable
  • Congenial to monthly planning
  • Income according to time efforts

Cons of Active Online Income

The followings are some of the disadvantages of money making from home:

  • You may not have permanent job all time
  • Limited income in case of job
  • No autonomy
  • Tight schedule of work

Best Ways of Active Online Money Making

There are several ways of active earning via online. I am focusing on some of those ways.


Freelancing is the most common and the best way of active online earning process. Most of the people who want to build career in online and also who want to make some extra money online choose freelancing. The person who does not believe in 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. job, prefers freelancing for their career. Different companies offer different jobs in freelancing market place and the skilled persons bid on the job offer. The employees then choose from the bidders according to their requirements. There are several freelancing market places. Some top freelancing site from where one can earn easy money online are:

There are many other freelancing market places where people can join and search work according to their skills.

Doing Online Jobs

In this modern era, people are thinking about creating roomless office. They are outsourcing their work and employing people worldwide. Other than freelancing work on project basis, people can try for permanent jobs in different companies. Virtual Assistance, Data Entry Operator, HRM Manager, Accountant are some of the permanent positions for which different companies recruit remontely.

Running Online Store

Another way of online money making from home is running online store and selling products on it. People of any age can do that. In this era of digitalization. People are becoming very lazy and they don’t want to go to shops for buying products. They visit online shops and choose products from there and get home delivery. Online shops are becoming very popular now a days.

Providing Online Training

Assume you have profound skills in a particular category. You can earn money with the skills in two ways:

  1. By doing work for other with those skills
  2. By teaching others those skills

Providing training online is one of the best ways to earn easy money. Just you need to be popular and spread your knowledge within all.


A very good online money earning process is blogging. A lot of students and aged persons are adopting blogging as their only source of income. Actually, a blog does not pay. Showing ads on a blog generates revenue. Therefore, the more visitors a blog gets, the more money the owner of the blog earns. For this the blog must be popular to get visitors.


Young generation is inclined to YouTube a source of their entertainment and learning. A lot of people are engaged in making YouTube videos with information and entertaining content to get visitors. Showing ads on YouTube videos also generates revenue like showing ads on blog.

There are other ways of online money making from home. Those ways will be discussed turn by turn. Hope I’ll be able to clarify everything for you to go online and make your money making process easy. If you have any query or suggestion, don’t forget to comment.

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