10 Tips: How to Become a Successful Rockstar Freelancer

10 Tips: How to Become a Successful Rockstar Freelancer

Dear readers, you are reading my blog. It means that you are in search of online money making. It’s a great idea you have picked. In my previous post, I have discussed freelancing, its pros and cons and of course its future.  There are a lot of people who want to earn money from online sources and choose freelancing. It has become a buzzword as a way to make money. Most of the people are choosing it without knowing the ways and techniques of it. Therefore, in this post, I am going to discuss 10 tips which are the fundamentals on how to become a successful rockstar freelancer. I hope certainly these tips will be life changing tips for you in the ways of freelancing.

1. Belief:

It is the basic concept that you have to develop before marching into freelancing. You may think a lot about the topic and necessity of belief. Yes, you need to believe that freelancing is a very good source of income and it can be your permanent source of earning money online. Generally people cannot believe that freelancing can be the best solution of unemployment. If you want to be a freelancer, you should not hesitate. You should build your belief and jump into it.

2. Stand Alone:

After you build a strong belief within yourself, you have to build the capacity to stand alone. Most of the people do not support freelancing. You will find a lot of people discouraging you to be a freelancer. They think that since freelancing has no physical existence, it is not a secure income source. Therefore, you are alone in your journey.

Another problem a freelancer always face, that is company. There is a few people to accompany a freelancer. You will be alone in working, you will be alone in your gossiping. Therefore, you need to be sure that you will be alone and you have to take and continue your journey alone.

3. Trust in Yourself:

While a person goes for a job, the job interview determines whether he/she is suitable for this job. But in freelancing, there is none to do that. So, you have to build a trust that you can be a successful rockstar freelancer and you can be an idol of all freelancers. The prerequisite of success is self-belief. If you are confident about your success and work to attain success, surely success will be in your basket one day.

4. Choosing Your Niche:

In freelancing, thousands of people are earning money online doing thousands of work under some particular niches. Some popular niches are android and ios app development, web development, virtual assistant, writing, graphics designing etc.

You have to identify your passion and interest. Because, if you are passionate to any niche, you will learn and do work whole-heartedly in that niche. But if you are not passionate, you will be dejected to your work and your work will be perfect. Therefore, choose the niche to which your passion works.

5. Know and Develop Your Skills:

Only skillful work is rewarded in the arena of freelancing. Therefore, after choosing your category in which you want to work, find out the skills you need to work in that category. Then develop your skills accordingly. Clients in freelance always find the best suitable persons for their work. So, you have to be the best in your selected category.

6. Create Attractive Profile with Details:

While you are a skilled person in your selected category, create your profile attractively in different freelance platforms. Focus on your best skills, upload a jolly and clear profile picture. In another post, I will discuss how to create an eye catching profile.

7. Understanding Job Details and Bidding:

I time to rock. Now, start finding your suitable jobs for you. But while applying or bidding in jobs, understand the job details first. Go through the description again and again. If you are confident enough that you can do the job, then apply.

In your bid, of course focus on your skills so that the client’s eyes are fixed on your cover letter and he/she selects you for the project.

8. Interview:

Interview for any freelance project is one of the major sphere to earn money online. If client selects you for interview, try know understand more about the job from him/her and focus on your suitable skills. Try to convince the client that you can do the job better than others. Be elaborate and subjective. Say your time limit for the project so that the client become interested in you.

9. Regular Communication with Clients:

If you are successful to convince your client, you are one step ahead in earning online. One client change the life of a freelancer. Therefore, always keep a regular communication with your clients while working and update the progress status of the project. Knowing the progress, the client will be satisfied and you will be able to get further projects. The communication should go on even after the work.

10. Deliver the Work on Time:

Actually you will be measured by your work. Your work must be up the quality that your client wants. To become a successful rockstar freelancer, punctuality and timely work with good quality is the base of success for the freelancers. So, you have to work hard and deliver the project on time. Better to deliver in time. Timely delivery proves that you are careful about your client.

In my eyes, these 10 tips can be life changing for a freelancer who want to be a successful rockstar freelancer to earn money online. Within this post, several things like profile creation, interview, need elaborate discussion. I will elaborate them in my coming posts. Hope these will help you, my dear readers, a lot to make money from home. Don’t forget to share your opinion.

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